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Building The Rheem Mobile Marketing Experience

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When you see the Rheem mobile marketing unit driving down the Interstate during its 48-week-long, cross-country tour, at first glance it looks just like any other big-rig, although with a beautiful logo painted along the side. Based on Rheem’s idea, this trailer actually has one whole side made of glass. It’s covered when going down the road, but when the trailer is set up for an event it’s opened up, so people can see what’s going on inside. It’s just one of the many features that makes this experience unique and exciting.

When Rheem first approached us about building a mobile marketing unit for their company, they came to us with a lot of ideas already. They had spent time gathering feedback from Rheem and Ruud wholesalers, contractors and their sales teams, and knew they wanted something with plenty of natural light and interactive display areas.

Once we put our design team on the project, we came up with some ideas that not only met Rheem’s goals but went above and beyond what they expected.

A glass-sided trailer. The glass side of the trailer that we mentioned above is a great feature for this unit. The glass allows natural light to come through for whatever is going on inside, whether it’s a training meeting or a public demonstration. But the glass also allows people on the outside to see what’s going on inside, making it more inviting for the public to come in when the truck is set up at marketing events and learn all about what Rheem has to offer.

An eight-panel touch screen. One of the world’s largest mobile swipe-screen TVs, this feature allows for interactive learning and plenty of demonstration. The screen might be showcasing a new, high efficiency water heater, but the novelty of swiping such a large screen is exciting in and of itself.

Multi-use space. The Rheem truck can be set up as a meeting space for up to 60 people, and within 30 minutes, it can be turned back into an interactive display with actual water heaters and air conditioning units in place of the chairs.

The new mobile unit was unveiled with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the High Efficiency Air & Water Show on September 16, 2015, as part of the Comfortech 2015 conference. From there it kicked off its cross-country tour. You’ll be able to see the Rheem truck at various places throughout the year, from training sessions at distributors to NASCAR events, where the truck will be on display to support Rheem NASCAR Xfinity driver Austin Dillon, as well as educating the public on the latest technology in HVAC and water heaters.spevco rheem

“A company comes to us with a vision, and we take their idea, run with it, and put it on wheels,” said Chuck Sullivan, mission specialist. “It’s always great when we see it all come together in and hit the road, like it did with Rheem.”

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