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Why Purpose-Driven Events Succeed

Events are huge opportunity creators – paving the way for future relationships and movement through the sales funnel. When done correctly, operating an event with purpose can be the secret to increasing brand awareness, enhancing perceptions of cultural fit, and improving customer loyalty and likelihood to recommend. The formula isn’t complicated. If companies want to...Read More

Eventstaffr – The Freshest Way to Staff and Get Booked

I had the pleasure of chatting with Vinny Antonio and Casey Ayars after their launch tour for Eventstaffr. They are kicking off major markets nationwide. Have you ever wanted to book a bartender for a wedding or a hostess for a private function, but found yourself crossing your fingers on craigslist? Or have you ever...Read More

Welcome to EventSpeak 2.0:

We’re bigger, better and telling your stories Hello folks. We are EventSpeak. But not the EventSpeak you’ve known before. This is EventSpeak 2.0, and we’re writing now to reintroduce ourselves. The events industry has many stakeholders, and most of the media outlets are really good at telling brand stories or their own stories, but no...Read More

EventSpeak Profiles: Kozmo

Kozmo has been working in event marketing for over 12 years.  A voice over artist, producer and tour manager, Kozmo brings extensive hands-on experience to the world of experiential marketing along with a ‘get-it-done’ attitude that consistently achieves results. With a talented portfolio of top 100 companies under his belt, Kozmo has worked with many...Read More

The One, Two on Getting Started

When approaching patrons with your thousand watt smile and the spiel of the company you’re promoting with style, many often ask or perhaps just assume that you’re an employee of the company that you’re helping to promote. This is not the case, as many brand ambassadors like to point out. No, we work for promotional...Read More

When Good Clients Go Bad!

We all work in promotions for many reasons:  The travel.  The pay.  The flexible schedule.  The people.  The fact that there’s a bunch of free stuff handed to us at the end of the promotion. Many reasons we all have for taking promotional gigs.  But the truth is none of us would have a job...Read More

My Journey as a Brand Ambassador

Why did I get involved with this industry?  What events in my life could have possibly led me to this moment when I am standing on a stage, before a sea of a thousand people, throwing out T-shirts, shouting on a microphone and having the time of my life?  It’s a question I ask myself...Read More

Be the Industry Expert

We are currently seeking Individuals and Company Representatives that would like to have their own column in the ES news section. With the launch of our new site we will be presenting articles on what is going on in the industry The blogs are to be informative and would be seen not only by the...Read More