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Essentials When Traveling for A Modeling Assignment

By Matt Wink Pack lightly and carry a big stick… of the lip variety. That’s not really a saying, but there are many do’s and don’ts in terms of what to bring along with you if you’ve booked a modeling gig that requires you to travel. Traveling light, but efficiently, will help immensely. Putting together...Read More


[ads1] Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, Eventspeak… If you work in the field of event marketing, then you know all the major websites (and probably a few minor ones) where you can look for work in the experiential marketing field.  You would have to.  It can almost become a full time job in and of itself as...Read More


Lying.  It’s a touchy subject, and one most people don’t like to acknowledge let alone talk about with their friends and co-workers.  From a very young age we are taught:  ‘don’t lie.’  It’s wrong.  It’s a sin.  It will get you in trouble and people won’t trust you in the future.  If you lie once,...Read More

How many more interviews?

So you work in event marketing.  You look for jobs on a regular basis, even when you’re working other promotions.  Eventually, you get a call back (or an e-mail reply) and the prospective employer wants to set up and interview with you. Ahh, but wait – you got the interview, but not the job.  Whether...Read More

The Basics of Being a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador, or promos-r-us, is an unusual line of work that requires more than just a jovial quirk, or a remarkable personality. The ins and outs of a job like this are not nearly as simple as a nine-to-five shift, or frivolous flamboyant fluttering amongst the rich while dolling around on a fashionable cruise ship....Read More

Jack Live 2012

 If you’re an aspiring creative director, strategic thinker, account or production person you should know you are considering one of the most awesome and daunting careers available to you. If that doesn’t scare you off, you’ll probably want to spend a day alongside a mix of creative agency people who do what they love, and...Read More