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Brand Ambassadors Reveal Their Faves!

Mustard Lane really stretched its wings this summer. We were busier than ever, not only in New York and L.A., but in Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and many other cities across the United States. We were thrilled to add new brand ambassadors to our roster, including #LOTWs Bryan Blasingame (NOLA), Wende Leverton (Chicago), and Julianne...Read More

Eventstaffr – The Freshest Way to Staff and Get Booked

I had the pleasure of chatting with Vinny Antonio and Casey Ayars after their launch tour for Eventstaffr. They are kicking off major markets nationwide. Have you ever wanted to book a bartender for a wedding or a hostess for a private function, but found yourself crossing your fingers on craigslist? Or have you ever...Read More

How Do I Get More Promo Work?

The answer is simple, yet most people want the “magic diet pill” short cut.  Unfortunately, there is no short cut to building your reputation, network, and stockpiling agencies.  I can however tell you tips to expand in all three of those areas. If you are new to the game, your head is most likely spinning...Read More

The Importance of LinkedIn for Experiential Marketing

I hear lots of things about LinkedIn. Good things. Bad things. Indifferent. And depending on your profession and how often you use it, all three of those analogies would probably be right for the world’s largest professional network. In event marketing, we are always looking for jobs. We need to use every job resource at...Read More

How to Write a Promotional Resume

If you want to secure a job in promotional marketing or are looking for a way to secure more work in events, then you have to create a resume which displays your talents, experience, and skills in this quickly evolving industry. Let’s start by saying that there is no right or wrong way to create...Read More


[ads1] Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, Eventspeak… If you work in the field of event marketing, then you know all the major websites (and probably a few minor ones) where you can look for work in the experiential marketing field.  You would have to.  It can almost become a full time job in and of itself as...Read More