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Is it appropriate to get involved romantically with someone at one of your experiential events?  Is it okay to meet them outside of work for drinks?  Is it okay to date your co-workers and brand ambassadors? In our modern society, the majority of romantic relationships begin in one of three major arenas:  school, work, or...Read More


No one ever walks into a promotion expecting to know everything.  Some people think they know everything.  Some people know they know nothing.  Some people never know anything about what they’re promoting but still manage to secure promotional gigs time and time again.  In fact, you’ll find that the majority of people in event and...Read More


Lying.  It’s a touchy subject, and one most people don’t like to acknowledge let alone talk about with their friends and co-workers.  From a very young age we are taught:  ‘don’t lie.’  It’s wrong.  It’s a sin.  It will get you in trouble and people won’t trust you in the future.  If you lie once,...Read More

The ‘Leads’ Generation

Whether it was an in-store demo, a Costco roadshow, a fairgrounds experiential tent, or guerilla marketing at a busy intersection, at some point every promotion that occurs has to produce one thing:  numbers.  Sales, surveys, leads or samples:  the more of these that are generated, the happier the client is. It may be a large...Read More

How many more interviews?

So you work in event marketing.  You look for jobs on a regular basis, even when you’re working other promotions.  Eventually, you get a call back (or an e-mail reply) and the prospective employer wants to set up and interview with you. Ahh, but wait – you got the interview, but not the job.  Whether...Read More


It can’t be argued that the majority of the working world works in the well-established ‘9 to 5’ job.  They wake up, go to their place of business, perform their tasks at that place of business for the majority of those hours, and then return home.  Tomorrow, they’ll do it all over again.  At the...Read More

Did We Forget to Pay You?

What to do when an agency does not pay You’re standing in the middle of a large-chain grocery store giving out cheese samples.  You’re in a hair net, apron, your feet hurt from standing for eight hours, the store’s AC isn’t working, a woman is asking you thirty questions about the product that you have...Read More

The Bigger Picture

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into creating a marketing campaign? Take a look at the videos below to see how and WHY some of the campaigns that we all work every day are created.Read More