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To Flake or Not to Flake.

Have you ever made a decision and then realized that it was the wrong decision?  Have you ever bought a product but then realized that it really wasn’t what you wanted?  Have you ever said ‘yes’…but later said ‘no?’ If you did (and who hasn’t) then you probably view yourself as an independent thinker.  You...Read More

The One, Two on Getting Started

When approaching patrons with your thousand watt smile and the spiel of the company you’re promoting with style, many often ask or perhaps just assume that you’re an employee of the company that you’re helping to promote. This is not the case, as many brand ambassadors like to point out. No, we work for promotional...Read More


As an independent contractor, you will most likely sign a great deal of paperwork with several different companies.  The more companies you sign up with, the more likely you will book jobs in your area.  But let’s be honest, contracts can be very confusing with unfamiliar legal words, which often create questions.   How often do...Read More

Event Industry Health Insurance

One of the biggest issues with this indusrty is that there is no steady health insurance coverage  for 1099 employees. You are forced to go out and find insurance that you can afford. This is hard because some times work is not steady enough to be able to pay for such coverage. But you have...Read More