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Learning a Second Language for The Events Industry

While it is often required by many non-native English speakers to learn English for business, native-English speakers often don’t have to take the time to learn another language. While it’s acknowledged that English is the universal language, more than half of those in the UK, for example, feel it would be beneficial to learn a...Read More

Reimagine Organization with Nestlé’s Pete Blackshaw

This is the seventh post of our 360i Summit blog series on the themes and takeaways from the 2015 360i Marketing Leadership Summit. At this year’s event, we explored how to “Reimagine (Almost) Everything,” and learned how some of the world’s leading marketers and media companies are navigating change and shaping the future of our...Read More

The Wisdom of Crowds

It seems like a trend called “crowdsourcing” is on the rise among #eventprofs these days, but what exactly is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining information or input into a particular task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, paid or unpaid. An everyday challenge for event planners is...Read More

Tools to Make Content Planning a Breeze

Content is becoming an integral part of events today. Attendees are looking for much more from an event than just great networking opportunities and a stellar keynote. They want to have informational breakout sessions, creative opportunities to work on projects with other planners and they want the event to last longer than just one or...Read More

Experiential Marketing – The Next Big Thing

Cut-throat competition in every industry or domain has resulted in businesses looking for strategies to surge ahead of their competitors. Advertisers and marketers are on the constant look out for innovative ways to draw attention of their target audience. Higher customer expectation and shorter attention spans have resulted in the introduction of a vital strategy...Read More

Why Technology is Essential for Experiential Event Marketing

Even though experiential marketing has been around for decades, it is generally not being used effectively. Analyzing and measuring consumer behavior is a complex process that requires the right technology and insights. However, using high-end technology for specific experiential event marketing is a specialization in itself. Although outdated marketing techniques may not consider this when...Read More

The Relation between Behavioral Data and Brand Promotion

Technology plays a crucial role in the sales and marketing of a business. Emerging technologies are rapidly reshaping the way consumers interact with their brands. Over the years, brands have become more focused on the way consumers behave in order to bring innovation to their products. Companies have shifted their focus to tracking and measuring...Read More

To Fear or Not to Fear – Networking Events

At the end of your meeting with the big boss he tells you that you have to attend a networking event and mingle around! If you are a social person by nature and you find it easy to talk to strangers then it shouldn’t be too much hard work. If you are one of many...Read More