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The Commoditization of Hobbies

As more devices and utilities are available via smartphone apps, so too are the tools of traditional hobbyists. In some cases, what used to be an expensive piece of equipment is now a standardized feature or app, leading to the commoditization of certain hobbies traditionally only available to a select few. High-powered mobile cameras have...Read More

4 Easy Ways You Can Give Back At Your Events

By Colleen Donnelly Are you planning an event in the next few weeks? Have you considered adding a charitable component to it during the holiday season? Whether you’re planning a large-scale corporate holiday gathering or just a regular event this December, here’s four easy ways you can incorporate corporate social responsibility into your events. 1....Read More

The ‘Leads’ Generation

Whether it was an in-store demo, a Costco roadshow, a fairgrounds experiential tent, or guerilla marketing at a busy intersection, at some point every promotion that occurs has to produce one thing:  numbers.  Sales, surveys, leads or samples:  the more of these that are generated, the happier the client is. It may be a large...Read More


It can’t be argued that the majority of the working world works in the well-established ‘9 to 5’ job.  They wake up, go to their place of business, perform their tasks at that place of business for the majority of those hours, and then return home.  Tomorrow, they’ll do it all over again.  At the...Read More