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MKTG Welcomes Irokeesi and psLIVE Nordics to the family!

MKTG Nordics Lead Tiina Veijonen and her team welcome 450 guests to their launch event in Helsinki On Friday night, Tiina Veijonen and her team hosted over 450 clients, friends, family and influencers to a huge party in Helsinki to announce that the Dentsu Aegis lifestyle marketing agencies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have...Read More

5 Things to Consider When Providing Wi-Fi at Events

Wifi. We all love it, we all hate it. Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi is no longer optional when it comes to events, conventions and conferences. More often than not, the very Marketing Activations themselves require Wi-Fi or high-speed internet connectivity and from my experience, they’re typically under-powered in terms of bandwidth and speed. How...Read More

Learning a Second Language for The Events Industry

While it is often required by many non-native English speakers to learn English for business, native-English speakers often don’t have to take the time to learn another language. While it’s acknowledged that English is the universal language, more than half of those in the UK, for example, feel it would be beneficial to learn a...Read More

How Often Should My Company Use Experiential Marketing?

Clients often ask us how often they should plan experiential marketing activations. The answer is, not surprisingly, it depends. Sometimes brands limit their experiential marketing activations to one or two a year and focus on making a big splash. Others do events on a weekly basis. It all depends on factors such as a company’s...Read More