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Branded Environments: Why digital brands need an off-line presence.

By Mike Goefft Technology has forever altered the way we market brands. We’re living in an era of deep customer engagement. Today’s more empowered, critical, demanding, and price-sensitive customers are turning in ever-growing numbers to social networks, blogs, online review forums, and other channels to quench their thirst for objective advice about products and to...Read More

Evolution of Trade Shows (part 2): “The Hybrid”

By Face2Face: An Experiential Marketing Blog – posted by: Adriano In part 1 of this post we explored the increased acceptance of remote collaboration technologies and the ensuing rise of virtual trade shows and events. At first many of us wondered if technology and an ailing economy would conspire to replace the traditional trade show...Read More

7 Ideas to Create Visual Content at Your Next Event

By Jillian Axtell The old adage is definitely true: a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. For trade show and event marketers, visuals not only provide the opportunity to amplify key messages, but they can be documented and repackaged easily to extend that messaging for months after the event is over. But what...Read More