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Why Purpose-Driven Events Succeed

Events are huge opportunity creators – paving the way for future relationships and movement through the sales funnel. When done correctly, operating an event with purpose can be the secret to increasing brand awareness, enhancing perceptions of cultural fit, and improving customer loyalty and likelihood to recommend. The formula isn’t complicated. If companies want to...Read More

Eventstaffr – The Freshest Way to Staff and Get Booked

I had the pleasure of chatting with Vinny Antonio and Casey Ayars after their launch tour for Eventstaffr. They are kicking off major markets nationwide. Have you ever wanted to book a bartender for a wedding or a hostess for a private function, but found yourself crossing your fingers on craigslist? Or have you ever...Read More

WOW – World’s largest candy carpet created

This is a TON of candy!.. Actually, its over 13 tonnes of candy that was used to create a colorful carpet in Chengdu China. Occupying the most coveted location within the core business district in the heart of Chengdu, IFS has been conceived as a city within a city. The retail podium offers luxury and...Read More


By 360i Just released, we’re bringing you 360i’s CES 2015 Report highlighting the most important takeaways and technological innovations for marketers from the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Our team canvased the CES showroom floor to compile the top trends and “Best in Show” technologies from this year’s event, where we saw the Connected...Read More

2014 Experiential Trends: Wild, Wired World

By Audra Glover By Blake Bowyer, Digital Strategist So long, 2013: You came in like a Chris Bosh photobomb and out like an Amazon delivery drone. You gave us a glimpse of how cool (and awkward) Google Glass can be and expanded the definition of the vending machine, dispensing beer, coffee, champagne, and live crab...Read More

3 Things Brands Should Know For 2014

By Audra Glover By Stu Hill, Associate Concept Director Here are three things we’ll be keeping our eyes on over the next year. Wearables, 3D Printing and Honey have been on the rise in 2013, but we’re expecting even bigger things for them in 2014 and beyond. Honey Is The New Bacon Bacon on donuts,...Read More


[ads1] Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, Eventspeak… If you work in the field of event marketing, then you know all the major websites (and probably a few minor ones) where you can look for work in the experiential marketing field.  You would have to.  It can almost become a full time job in and of itself as...Read More

Trends for 2013

We thought you would enjoy this video that was produced by TrendHunter. Most of these trends involve some aspect of our industry and most will be used by our members. From retail pop-up stores to augmented reality.  After your done watching, let us know what you think in the comments below. We would love to hear...Read More