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ES Founder (James Trivlis) Interviewed

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For all you BA’s, FM’s, Models, and Tour Managers, have you ever wondered if there’s a true career path with what you do? There is…

The Founder of ES was recently interviewed by a local company here in Boca Raton Fl area (our new home) and during the interview James Trivlis pointed out that he started in the experiential industry as a BA on tour for a major brand. From there he worked several positions within the industry and built his network along the way which is now priceless.
Now he’s one of 3 owners of Nebular Agency which provides brands and agencies digital experiential tools as well as other services.
He was so excited about this FaceBook live interview that we are now going to be doing the very same thing… You might of seen us dusting off the site so keep an eye out for something new.

If you are local to the South Florida area and would like to be considered, send a PM to us via our FB page.


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