EventSpeak is Back!

EventSpeak is a place for good event people to chat with good event people. No egos. No pitches. No bitching.Just Event Professionals looking to collaborate and navigate these uncharted waters together.

When I launched EventSpeak in 2005 it was meant for event people to chat with event people. I was a BA at the time and knew the industry needed a place to connect. At one point we had 20,000 people a month communicating about what jobs were available, who to watch out for, etc. 

As time went on and I started my own business and my own family, I shifted priorities away from this platform, but with what is currently going in the world there is no better time for industry people like ourselves to reconnect.

I know there are social groups out there that allow us to connect on a friendship and business level but they often come with a catch or don’t allow us to speak freely.

That said, I’m reopening the website and encourage everyone to use it to chat about whatever is going on in our industry here in the US and beyond. This is a time for us to unite and come back stronger than ever…

Thank you,

James Trivlis

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