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Eventstaffr – The Freshest Way to Staff and Get Booked

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Vinny Antonio and Casey Ayars after their launch tour for Eventstaffr. They are kicking off major markets nationwide. Have you ever wanted to book a bartender for a wedding or a hostess for a private function, but found yourself crossing your fingers on craigslist? Or have you ever wanted to work these events professionally, but did not trust random ads in classifieds? Eventstaffr is here to solve the staffing conundrum. Also, use the code in the article to save yourself 10% on your first booking. Of course, as talent and staff, make sure to download the app and register!


Vinny, you are best known as the owner of Victory Marketing. Your new app, Eventstaffr, has created some buzz. Can you speak a little about what this app does? Is EventStaffr Victory’s new staffing app, or is this entirely separate?

EventStaffr was created to make the booking process easier for both clients and event talent.  Put simply it is the fastest and easiest way to book vetted and professional talent.  The app is not part of Victory and how we book and pay our contractors – it is a new entity that is backed by the leadership of Victory Marketing.

After manually staffing more than 30,000 events since 2008, myself and EventStaffr’s co-founder, Casey, thought to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an online platform where customers could go to plug-in the details of their event, the type of staff they needed, and it immediately gave them access to the best local people we hand-pick for them at Victory Marketing Agency everyday? Kind of like an Uber for Event Staff?”

We immediately fell in love with the idea and started meeting with our favorite clients and field staff to ask them what features they would want if we built them an app to make their lives easier. That’s essentially how the idea of EventStaffr was born.


Could I hire someone for a function?

CaseyOf course! Use the promo code EVENTSPEAK415 for 10% off your first order.


How is this different from the push emails from Victory staff currently get?

CaseyVictory sends an email with a link to apply for the gig. Emails get buried in inboxes and no one checks their email 24/7. You don’t know we’ve sent the job alert until you check your inbox, filter through the noise and find the email. EventStaffr pushes an alert to Staffrs’ cell phones the minute it’s posted by a customer.


Is there any protection for staff against a canceled event?

 Vinny: With EventStaffr any cancellation of a gig will still result in a 50% payment to our vendors.  We are committed to our Staffrs and expect them to be committed to us.  No shows or calling out of shifts will not be tolerated and those Staffrs who do not show up for an assignment will no longer be allowed to participate in the program.


What protection is there for staff on nightlife functions?

CaseyGreat question and very important topic for us. No gig is anonymous – once someone books staff for an event, Staffrs have the client’s name, email, phone number, and we have their credit card number. We’ll also have a GPS tracking feature added to the app in next couple of months.


Is there a rating system for both staff and client?

 Vinny: EventStaffr has a proprietary rating system that allows clients to rate individual staff on overall performance. Staffrs who consistently receive high ratings will get first dibbs at new gigs in their city. No rating system for staff to rate the clients yet, but that’s coming :-).


Anything else you would like to add or would like others to know about EventStaffr?

CaseyWe hope everyone reading downloads the app and creates a profile with us. If you do, send us a tweet @eventstaffr to get your profile moved to the top of the line for review.


Can anyone sign up for this app, even if they are not signed up with Victory Marketing? If so, what is the criteria to be approved. Is there a fee to use EventStaffr?

 Vinny: The app is free for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and anyone can create a profile. All new registrants then go through an interview and screening process to ensure customers are only getting the best staff for their events. We’re striving for quality over quantity so not everyone gets approved.


How do you see EventStaffr revolutionizing the event marketing field?

CaseyEventStaffr’s single goal is to be the fastest, easiest and most dependable way to book the best event staff in markets all across the US.

We’ve built a platform that allows customers to request event staff in less than 5 minutes, and allows independent staffing contractors to apply for high paying gigs in real-time with a push of a button.

For customers: Finding professional, dependable staff is tedious, cumbersome, and extremely time-consuming when you staff events on a mass scale in markets all across the country — there’s a reason clients source agencies to do this for them. Hiring a contingent workforce for your live events is also risky because people don’t show up, or you don’t get who you were promised, etc.

For staff (or Staffrs as we call them): Finding and applying for promo gigs is a never-ending task. Staff have to login to different systems with different agencies, check calendars, check emails, follow up on missed calls, payments, etc. It’s very disorganized and time consuming. With EventStaffr, we push new gigs right to your smartphone and all you have to do is hit the “Apply” button. Staffrs will know within 72 hours if they were booked for the gig or not. We also pay Staffrs in 7 days or less form the event date vs. the industry standard of 30-60 days.

We’ve essentially eliminated the risk of booking unprofessional, undependable staff and streamlined the process for clients and field staff.


As always, a big thank you to the founders of Eventstaffr for giving Eventspeak the first interview after their nationwide launch tour. There you have it folks! The newer and safer way to get booked and book events. Check out the website as well for more info.



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