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Experiential Marketing – The Next Big Thing

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Cut-throat competition in every industry or domain has resulted in businesses looking for strategies to surge ahead of their competitors. Advertisers and marketers are on the constant look out for innovative ways to draw attention of their target audience. Higher customer expectation and shorter attention spans have resulted in the introduction of a vital strategy known as experiential marketing.

A few years ago, experiential marketing was nothing more than conventional “grassroots” marketing; giving away goodies, free t-shirts or stickers to promote a particular brand. It did not always serve the purpose of the business or the customers. This led to the coining of the experiential marketing concept; a tool can be used to measure the feeling and experiences of customers to promote a brand.

What is Experiential Marketing?

It is a strategy used to create an experience driven to create an emotional connection to a brand, idea or product. Over the years, this creative marketing strategy has emerged as a more prominent way of promoting a brand. With the help of this strategy, your live event can reach to more people than before. From tightrope walkers in the middle of Times Square to the trend of flash mobs, companies are taking their brand promotion to the next level.

Companies initially depended on street teams to distribute samples to promote their upcoming events. The common way to measure success was by determining the number of samples distributed. However, companies soon realized that this technique didn’t leave a lasting impression on the consumers. The advancement of technology made businesses realize that even by spending less money on various marketing strategies, they could come up with a creative event that could not only be experienced but also shared via the internet. This led to the rise in demand for experiential marketing.

Here are some of the trends of note in experiential marketing:

Technology will no longer be the focus of experiential marketing campaigns. Instead, it will be used behind the scenes to attract more customers and their favorite brands.
Wearable devices will play a vital role in the future. Items like wearable wristbands will display information about brands and products. These wearable products will be the next big thing in the world of experiential marketing and informing the consumer.
A collaboration of content and experiential marketing is imminent for creating events. It will focus more on educating and entertaining prospective customers.
Brand Ambassadors will play a major role in creating a lasting relationship between brands and customers

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