What's next for our industry? Quick listen to get some ideas in motion as to what the future of events might resemble.

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Emily Baldwin

2 months ago

Posted: 2 months ago
Interesting listen to stimulate some thought around innovation in the event landscape. Several industry leaders discussing both the impact to our industry, and what it might look like next. I'd love to hear how others are mobilizing their teams in this direction !

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Justin Tamony Joined: 2 months ago

Posted: 2 months ago
Great topic Emily! Webinar was very informative…

Agree with the panelists- this is not the end of live events, just the beginning of something new. For larger events, we’re also brainstorming ways to grow our virtual engagement (hub and spoke model) and for smaller events, we’re looking into engagements that align with a new public sentiment (i.e. 1:1 engagements to lessen crowds, etc.). We believe the tenets of events remain strong, we just need to find creative ways to adapt. Would love to hear what others are doing as well!