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Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, Eventspeak… If you work in the field of event marketing, then you know all the major websites (and probably a few minor ones) where you can look for work in the experiential marketing field.  You would have to.  It can almost become a full time job in and of itself as you troll about from website to website looking for the next event gig that can support you for another week, if not a month.

Working in experiential /event marketing for over 10 years, I can honestly say that looking for jobs in the industry is tough at times.  Very tough.  Every gig seems to only be as good, or last as long, as the gig before.  Bosses, co-workers, and clients move in and out of this industry at such a quick rate that it is very difficult to secure long lasting relationships, let alone long lasting jobs.

For all my experience and professionalism in the field, I still have to search the job boards of various websites (including Eventspeak) looking for the next experiential experience to help me pay my bills for another month.  It’s not easy.  At times, it can be exhausting, running through a number of get-rich-quick posts, jobs promoting products that don’t exist, or employers posting a need for employees that they will pay, maybe, if they like the job that you do.

Craigslist.org has been my number one source for finding work in the field of experiential marketing for the last ten years.  To this day, when I tell others how I find my jobs, there are still those that say:  “Craigslist?  Really?  There are a lot of scams on there.  Aren’t there?”  And they would be right.

Though there are a numerous amount of shady jobs on Craigslist, there are still quite a few legitimate jobs on the website.  Knowing where and how to sift through the posts is one of the biggest time savers you could ever give yourself.

I can honestly say that I’ve picked up a few tips along the way.  Certain tricks-of-the-trade to help me find the next job in the field I enjoy so very much.

Mind you, my advice is not the end-all-be-all of any promotional job search, but it is definitely a good start for those looking for work, promotional or otherwise.

Below is a list of some of the key things you should/shouldn’t do when looking for jobs on Craigslist.org.  It may seem like a monumental undertaking, but there are quite a few golden needles to be found in the Craigslist haystack.

Why Craigslist?

Whereas Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com have job postings that seem redundant if nonexistent, Craigslist is a little more ‘real world’ in their postings.  Rather than some Fortune 500 company creating repetitive job postings for rolling databases, Craigslist posts jobs for real people in real need of real work.

As a general rule, if you find a legitimate posting, when you apply for a job on Craigslist, your resume actually goes someplace.  It goes to a person.  A face.  Someone who actually has a phone and a personal e-mail that will respond (or has the potential to respond) to your job inquiry.

Many of the other job websites don’t have this.  Many of them are so bogged down with job postings from companies who are not actually looking for workers, but are simply going through their regimented routine dictated by corporate management:  keeping a rolling database of potential employees fully stocked at all times.

To these companies, your resume will go not to a person but to an automated, non-descript e-mail address, a la:  humanresources@…, jobs@…, newtalent@…, or newhire@…

In other words:  no place @ nowhere dot com.

If you are looking for a job, chances are, you need a job – now.  Sending your resume to ‘the e-mail void’ will not garner views.  It will only waste your time as you process your information on a corporate website that treats every resume as a number and not a person.

Of course, you may find people who say:  ‘Hey.  I sent my resume to one of those ‘corporate websites’ you are bashing and they contacted me.  Those websites are great.  That’s how I got my job.  So you are wrong! ‘

To that person I would say:  “Great.  Good for you.  Now repeat that process on a hundred other corporate websites, and see how many human resource managers respond.”  In other words:  Yes.  People can get lucky.  But the majority of resumes sent to those websites go unread.  The closest thing anyone will receive is a nice form letter stating:  “Thank you for your interest in the XYZ company.  Unfortunately, we have chosen a candidate whose skills best fit the job description.  Best of luck with all your future endeavors.”

That’s what makes Craigslist such a great website.  You can find JOBS where resumes go to PEOPLE and not computer databases.  You can find JOBS that start NOW and not later.  You can find WORK and make MONEY.

For experiential marketing, this is huge.  Experiential jobs don’t last forever.  They can be as short as a day or as long as several months.  When you need people in this industry, you need a specific skill set.  Event agencies know that Craigslist is the best place to find these people – quickly.


Where do I find event and experiential marketing jobs on Craigslist?

There are two major sections on the website where you can find event jobs:

Jobs:  marketing/ pr / ad and gigs: event. 

These sections are where the majority of event marketing agencies post their temporary promotional opportunities.  Whether its promoting soda at a local wholesaler, guerilla street teams for the newest wireless provider, or demoing the latest energy bar, the sections stated above are where you will find the majority of experiential marketing jobs.

However, depending on your career or personal aspirations, keep yourself open to other sections on the website.  True, the sections stated above are where you will find the majority of temporary promotional gigs, but employers and agencies have been known to post in other sections as well.  I’ve seen food promotions posted under Jobs:  food / bev / hosp, event setups posted under Jobs:  general labor and promotional modeling opportunities posted under gigs: talent and gigs: crew. 

Don’t ever limit yourself in this industry.  Remember that the person doing the ‘posting’ is just as temporary as the person doing the ‘job search.’  Some of those posters have never posted on Craigslist before.  They might put a great job under a section where you would never normally look, so be open to other sections.


When should I apply for a job on Craigslist?

ASAP.  As soon as you can.  Now.  Right now!

Because the jobs and those who post the jobs are all temporary, you want to strike while the iron’s hot.  You want to apply as soon as you see the job.  Jobs can fill up quickly, and there is never a shortage of applicants who want to apply.  It can be very much a ‘first come, first serve’ environment on the Craigslist job boards.

Job posters are just regular people like you.  And like you, they are lazy.  They want to work as little as possible at their jobs.  They will choose the easiest route when choosing a job applicant.  Often times that means choosing the first people who respond to the job.

Mind you, there are those that will actually scrutinize resumes and applications, looking for the best possible candidate.  But those who post the jobs often times have to ‘produce results’ to their superiors very quickly.  As a result, they will choose the first applicants from the pool of early responders.


What are the best days to look for a job on Craigslist?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to look for jobs on Craigslist.  Why?  Answer:  That’s when the majority of employers post their jobs.

Job posters are people – like you.  They hate Mondays and look forward to Fridays where they plan their Saturdays and Sundays.  Because of this, the only real work gets done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Mondays are days for discussing ideas, client needs, agency needs, and hiring needs.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is when those ‘needs’ are set out into the job arena.  Friday, well, nobody ever really does any real work on Friday, do they?

Mind you, there can be good jobs posted on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  There have been some ‘last minute’ jobs that are posted on those days, and you can actually snag yourself some pretty lucrative event marketing positions, if only for a day.  But, since your time for job searching is limited, if you have to designate job search time, then make those days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when the majority of new, legitimate jobs are posted.

Special Note:  If your only time to look at last week’s job postings is on the weekend, then send in your resume to those jobs on Sunday night.

No job recruiter checks their office e-mail on the weekend.  Even if they do, they won’t contact you on a weekend.  They will wait until Monday.

By posting Sunday night, you ensure that your resume and job application will be one of the first e-mails to pop-up on their screen come Monday morning.  The majority of e-mail in-boxes post the ‘newest’ e-mails first.  Make your e-mail and resume one of the first ones a job recruiter sees when they check their e-mails Monday morning.


What are the key words to type when looking for a job on Craigslist?

Key words to type in when looking for an event or experiential marketing job on Craigslist are:

“Experiential Marketing,”


“Brand Ambassador,”



“Field Manager”

“Event Management,”

“Event Coordinator,”

“Event Marketing” and “Event Manager.”

These words, in any combination, will bring up postings related to the event marketing and brand ambassador world.

And don’t just type the words above in the “marketing / pr” and “event” section.  Type these words under the broader “Jobs” or “gigs” postings.

As stated, the people who are posting the jobs are almost as temporary as the job they are posting for.  Broaden your job search horizon.  Don’t limit yourself or word search to a particular section, but be specific in your typing.  It will help you weed out your search and filter closer to a job of your desire.


Don’t Limit Yourself.

A good job can be found anywhere – event marketing or otherwise.

Don’t limit yourself to your town, city, or state.  Spread out.  Search the Craigslist job postings of nearby states and cities.  Some of the best jobs I have ever had have been from job sections from a different city or state.

If you want to go on a promotional tour, search all the major cities (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas…) on Craigslist.  There are promotional tours posted in those cities, many of which will fly you to their state and put you on tour if they find that your qualifications meet their job needs.

If you only have three years, or even three months, of event marketing experience, send in your resume to the job recruiter who is looking for ‘experienced’ help.  I have secured many jobs through sheer default when the other ‘reliable’ workers bailed on the event a day before it was to start.

Don’t let experience, age, city, states, or even country limit your job search.  The real secret in searching for experiential jobs on Craigslist is that THERE IS NO SECRET.  You are just as capable of finding a decent job as the next job seeker.

Your only real limit is you – a person of limitless potential.  Yes, the search can be long at times.  Yes, there are lots of scams.  Yes, it seems nobody will ever contact you.  Don’t ever let that stop you.  Move forward.  Send out that resume.  Apply.  Apply.  Apply yourself.  You will find great event jobs on Craigslist.org.  I guarantee it!

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