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Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Tay has got Zero Chill!

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Microsoft launched a new Artificial intelligence powered social media bot that will respond to users on Twitter, GroupMe and Kik via instant message. You can have a full fledged conversation with the bot, it’s pretty interesting how it all works.

What happened?

Interestingly, Microsoft Silenced it’s new Artificial Intelligence bot which was named Tay, after users on Twitter taught it how to be racist. Microsoft shut down the auto-tweeting bot after it began tweeting racist comments at users and referencing Hitler and its support for Donald Trump.

Tay Tweets takes on Kanye WestTay AI Googles Artificial Intelligence Project

What is Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Project Tay?

Tay is basically an Artificial Intelligence project which was built by Microsoft’s Technology and Research Teams along with Teams at Bing.

Why was Tay designed?

In an effort to conduct research on conversational understanding. Microsoft wanted to build a bot that you could talk to online.

Tay is capable of performing many tasks, posting comments on user photos, telling users jokes, answering questions as well as conversing with users.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

We’ve seen systems like this backfire with brands in the past on social media. We love technology and interesting projects like this, it’s the best way to learn about bugs and issues is by letting it run its course. However, when it comes to marketing, we’re not big fans of marketing automation.

Consumers are smarter than that. They know when they’re being talked to by a bot. Furthermore, they don’t want to talk to a bot. They want to talk to a human. Our social media campaigns are operated by human beings and distributed by computers and we like it that way.

It’s important to note that Tay wasn’t created racist. She learned how to be racist. If you have questions about social media marketing from human beings, contact BeCore today!

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