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Spevco and The Dallas Cowboys – Taking The Brand To The Fans

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By: Aaron Chatman

Take the brand to the fans. That was our primary objective with the Dallas Cowboys and why we built their Mobile Hall of Fame Museum Trailer. The Dallas Cowboys, known as America’s Team, is one of those teams that have fans across the entire world. Not every fan has the financial stability to attend a Dallas Cowboys Game, or even travel to Arlington, Texas to tour AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

With Wins & Losses always a key factor in how your fan base accepts the upcoming season, it is important to not lose your fans during the off-season. Also, with there being two NFL Teams in the state of Texas, you have a battle to make sure your fans do not switch over. With one team in Dallas, TX and the other in Houston, TX the battle of the State of Texas is always on.

Each year, the Dallas Cowboys start their season planning for the NFL Draft, with Training Camp only a few months behind. Training Camp has been held in Oxnard, California since 2000. With a large Hispanic fan base in Oxnard, California the Dallas Cowboys not only bring the team there to practice, but also its Mobile Marketing Hall of Fame Museum.

The Fans are able to walk through this Mobile Hall of Fame Museum and see the Five Super Bowl Trophies and also see images and video of AT&T Stadium being built. If they have never had a chance to visit AT&T Stadium, this opportunity gives them a tour through the stadium on the trailer. Each year at Training Camp thousands of fans enjoy this experience, which would not be possible without the Mobile Hall of Fame Museum.

After Training Camp, while the team is preparing for games each weekend, the museum is racking up thousands of miles traveling around Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. This is the time of the year that the Dallas Cowboys bring the museum to the fans. These events take place at Albertsons Supermarkets, Best Buy Stores, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Texas State Fair through Ford and many other Sponsor Events.

Taking the Hall of Fame Museum to the fans gives the fans a first hand experience as if the team came to visit them in their own home town. The Cowboys On Tour team provides an inside perspective on the many questions that fans have. The interacting with fans lets them know they are appreciated and the team could not survive without them.

With the Super Bowl Trophies, life-size mannequins of Emmitt Smith and Bob Lilly inside the trailer, it’s a great experience inside the exhibit. Part of brand activation is not only giving your fans a positive experience, but also actually drawing them to your exhibit and keeping them engaged. That is why the 8′ X 8′ Jumbo Screen that comes out of the trailer is such a huge impact. Fans are able to watch their favorite team on this screen when at an event and not miss a moment. With external speakers outside the exhibit you are able to hear the game announcers from thousands of feet away.

When it comes to game changers in experiential marketing that is what Spevco and the Dallas Cowboys have accomplished with this specialty vehicle. The Dallas Cowboys and Spevco collaboratively built a Museum on Wheels that reaches thousands of fans who are not able to go visit their favorite team. With this custom trailer and museum, new fans are reached and gained each year, because they feel that America’s Team came knocking on their front door when setup in their hometown.

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