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The One, Two on Getting Started

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When approaching patrons with your thousand watt smile and the spiel of the company you’re promoting with style, many often ask or perhaps just assume that you’re an employee of the company that you’re helping to promote. This is not the case, as many brand ambassadors like to point out. No, we work for promotional companies and through them, we get our posts.

Brand ambassador is a line of work that can be sought through many channels. It’s important to get associated with as many as work your area. Many have found that Craigslist and other job hunting sites are successful for finding such work. If it’s a temporary position you’re looking to fill, then those are the places to look. However, those determined to make this line of work a stepping stone or a constant have several companies with whom setting up a personal profile can help you on your way.

Below is a sample of a few companies that have gained respect and notoriety amongst brand ambassadors. Additionally, it is always recommended to ask the more seasoned brand ambassadors, who they would recommend. You’ll usually find that many have lists and lists, so it never hurts to ask others when working an event. Lastly, ask the event manager you’re working with where their schedule is taking them. Sometimes they will be working additional events within your driving distance and would welcome your help at those.


  • ATN Promo
  • Mosaic
  • Attack Marketing
  • Productions Plus
  • Department Zero
  • Total Event Solutions
  • Trade Show Models.net
  • Promosynthesis
  • Encore Nationwide
  • SPN
  • BMT

You can view a detailed list of agencies HERE


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