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Welcome to EventSpeak 2.0:

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We’re bigger, better and telling your stories

Hello folks.

We are EventSpeak. But not the EventSpeak you’ve known before. This is EventSpeak 2.0, and we’re writing now to reintroduce ourselves. The events industry has many stakeholders, and most of the media outlets are really good at telling brand stories or their own stories, but no one seems to be listening to the suppliers, vendors, builders, fabricators and staffers and writing the kinds of stories that address your issues. EventSpeak 2.0 will be that voice: at eventspeak.com, in this newsletter and on social media all over the web.

More than that, however, we want to be more than a voice for your concerns and a resource to answer your questions. We want to provide solutions. We want to help you make the connections with each other that will bring you new business and enhance the ways you service your current clients.

Our Experiential Marketplace will be the place for those connections. We will help you find the other builder or supplier that you need to overcome the challenges you face in servicing your clients. We’ll highlight those of you who are the best in the business, and we’ll host events to bring you all together. We will be your resource for information and connections, like no one else can be.

Finally, we will still be the home of the EventSpeak job board you already know and love. Visit us regularly to find new listings, post new jobs and find the people you want to work with.

We’re a small group with big plans, but it’s time you folks on the ground had a voice. So, let’s EventSpeak together. We’re building an editorial advisory board so you’ll be able to hear from your peers on important industry issues, and looking for advertisers who want to speak to you directly. Visit us at eventspeak.com any time. If you have any questions about how we can help you, or how you can be a part of our vision, email James Trivlis at James@eventspeak.com or Ken at ken@eventspeak.com.

Thanks for taking this time to chat, and we look forward to moving forward together.

James and Ken


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