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Why Technology is Essential for Experiential Event Marketing

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Even though experiential marketing has been around for decades, it is generally not being used effectively. Analyzing and measuring consumer behavior is a complex process that requires the right technology and insights. However, using high-end technology for specific experiential event marketing is a specialization in itself. Although outdated marketing techniques may not consider this when designing experiential events, a marketing research and data measurement company can collect all sorts of interactive data and use it for measuring metrics to be applied in the long run.

Whether you need to organize a promotional, corporate, or sponsored event, or even a mobile tour, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for managing them; especially when measurement solutions vary. Paid media, which has taken some of the focus away from the live experience of a brand, no longer calls the shots in marketing. Developments of new interactive technologies have enabled marketers to provide one-on-one experiences in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile browsing and social media in particular has empowered consumers. It has made marketers think about providing near-real product experiences which they cannot get from traditional media. As people feel the need to “touch” or “experience” the product digitally, specially designed event technology & measurement solutions can provide the much-needed insight that traditional media cannot.

Experiential Event Marketing and Measurement

The FISH Event OS Platform provides an integrated set of Registration, Attendee Profiling, Engagement Tools and Measurement Dashboards that proves to be effective for managing events and measuring consumer engagements. Most marketing research companies that offer event technology solutions focus on either setting up an event or providing data analytics of an already organized event. This is where we score over them as our services are comprised of collecting and delivering actionable real-time data to increase sales and revenue.

Since setting up experiential events and data analytics are two specialized fields, it’s not easy to offer both in one package. However, experiential marketing techniques cannot be successful until valid and accurate measurements are taken on the participant behavior. Realizing that both engagement and measurement is important, FISH has taken an innovative approach in advising clients on how to start with their quantifiable key metrics and utilize analytical processes to drive effective experiential event design.

The development of social media and mobile analytics has made experiential marketing more commonplace. Despite this, marketers are still unsure about making sense of real and virtual metrics. This is where our specialized services make all the difference by creating a true “brand experience” for consumers.

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