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WOW – World’s largest candy carpet created

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This is a TON of candy!.. Actually, its over 13 tonnes of candy that was used to create a colorful carpet in Chengdu China.

Occupying the most coveted location within the core business district in the heart of Chengdu, IFS has been conceived as a city within a city. The retail podium offers luxury and flagship retail, entertainment and a food and beverage terrace featuring international cuisine, al fresco dining and a sculpture garden.

Sweet As One was done by creative studio AllRightsReserved and its graphic pattern was created by graphic design duo Craig & Karl. The massive candy carpet stretches 607 feet long by 23 feet wide. Over 2,000 volunteers  assembled the Candy carpet in less then 5 days.

All the candy that was used will be processed and distributed to underprivileged kids throughout China so none of the candy will be harmed in the making of this carpet!..

Image via AllRightsReserved


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