Mitch Mishke #020

On this amazing episode Big John is joined by Mitch Mishske who will blow your mind with his knowledge of being a tour manager, emcee, host and driver. Mitch hails from Chicago but now calls a hippie commune home in Colorado (no lie it is the fruitiest place west of the Mississippi). Mitch is also the recurring driver for March Forth (a band like no other) and regularly emcees at the Ride Festival each year. He is also the host of a zainy virtual trivia show live on Facebook every Monday. Check it out- there’s no one quite like Mitch!

Big John

About Author /

Big John got his start as co-founder and playing guitar in former Chicago band SweaterGirl. After 4 consecutive summers on the Van's Warped Tour as one of the first ever DIY bands to be invited to tag along, Big John was ready for what's next and stumbled into the event industry in 2005. Big John stayed on the road managing Mobile Marketing Tours, logging over 3 Million miles on the Warped Tour as well as a plethora of experiential tours, campaigns, events, and initiatives.

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