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By Amanda Younger 10/26/2020

We have been fortunate enough to interview Sony Pictures Screenwriter and Playwright C.K. Riley, as he has made the most out of reclaiming his commute time in Santa Monica, CA, and expects a Creative Boom from the industry when gatherings return.

With a passion and background in screenwriting for film and television, Riley left Los Angeles for New York City. Working at marketing agency MRY, Riley wrote a play called “Margot” which was picked up by the American Theater Company, and also House Managed at the Gallery Players in Brooklyn. Riley explains, “So, I morphed into this typical New Yorker while I was there. I had five or six jobs but it really expanded my horizons creatively. Working in theater and also working in marketing, that has brought some invaluable insights into the aspects of this [my new project].” 

This new project, Riley explains, starts with a feature-length film he has written and blossomed into a new massive universe called The Shattered Star. A six-part series comic book called “Gabriel” will slowly release while the website houses the building of an entirely new world. But utilizing his promotional skills have been restricted to social media and viral marketing with the cancelation of Comic Conventions and Book Store Appearances. Riley continues, “I am missing that community component…since comics are a very visual medium, Instagram is the platform of choice for that. So MRY has taught me how to come up with these unique hashtags and different content buckets and content calendars.”

Starting famously with “Margot” but continuous throughout Riley’s writings, there is a “connection to ancient literature and retelling of the classics” The play is a retelling of Faust, and The Shattered Star seems to be a retelling of ancient mythologies across the globe.”I would love for people, particularly young people, to pick up my comic and see an editor’s note and Google it…Eventually, I’m going to have ARG (Alternate Reality Game)…where you can hover over the comic and then pop up [historical facts], and they’ll come out and say, this was from 5th century Ireland or something, just to entertain, but also educate,” says Riley.

With the current pandemic numbers on the rise again, it’s been a challenging time for multiple industries that rely on the physical interaction of fans to the story, but Riley has been taking this time to grow a beard and write often. “Being able to network; being able to talk to me, local reviewers from some of the local magazines, come up and say, ‘Hey, you know, I’d like to interview you about Gabriel’ That’s the kind of interaction I’m missing. And of course, potential fans. You get to meet people face to face. You get to talk with them. You meet the author and you’re more inclined to [buy their story].”

To learn more about C.K. Riley, The Shattered Star, and so much more, watch the interview and check-out the below links:

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