Happy Hour S1 Ep4- Cristina Buccola & Mary Jane Gibson

Cooper’s Daughter Bourbon gets smoked in this episode with Attorney Cristina Buccola and Actor Mary Jane Gibson. We reminisce about reasoning sessions in Jamaica and the talent in wearing multiple professional hats at an event. The discussion continues in social equity as it pertains to internet access as well as the cannabis industry. Finally, we applaud the event preparedness for marchers in current protests and welcome more creative editing in the tv/film industry.

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In regards to the article referenced in the recording about Internet access (rural fight):

This book is a great read to know more about this subject referenced in the podcast:
“Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution—and Why America Might Miss It,” by Susan P. Crawford

Two weeks before his launch, Ron lost all he had to looters who used the protests as a cover. Please donate and share Ron’s GoFundMe. Every bit helps in every way.

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