Justin Kramm #012

Joel Martin catches up with Award-Winning Copywriter and Ad Strategist Justin Kramm. They take a ride down memory lane, the hardships of 2020 and the exciting things that lay ahead for Event Tech.

“Justin Kramm has more than a decade of experience as an advertising copywriter and Creative Director. He has developed global campaigns for Nike, Red Bull, Philips and Microsoft. A graduate of Miami Ad School’s portfolio program, Justin won Gold, Bronze and Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Advertising Festival. He was co-creator of the film Unflinching Triumph, named Sports Illustrated’s Most Amusing Parody. He is also half of the Wondering Brains Crew. Justin earned his Master of International Business degree in Uppsala, Sweden and has worked in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.”

Joel Martin

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Joel is an experienced Marketing and Executive Sales Leader. He has a passion for technology sales working as the VP of DOOH at http://www.Swiftmile.com and CRO of http://www.CodeFirm.com.

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