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Joel Martin has a chat with Lauren Goldberg, a regional sales manager from AFR Furniture Rental, a company that provides high-quality contemporary office furniture rentals to consumers around the globe. Lauren gives us a glimpse inside AFR’s current endeavors in an industry that has shifted into a technological hybrid of furniture staging that can be revised and catered to the needs of any customer. Throughout the pandemic, AFR has served individual consumers, clients in the retail space, and even healthcare workers in hospitals. Jessica highlights her assistance with AFR working at the Super Bowl as well as continuing to stage for events as the industry returns more in-person. 

Jessica has blossomed from throwing her birthday party events at home to becoming a professional in the industry throughout Miami, New York, and Chicago. Jessica’s role with AFR Furniture has allowed her to develop more knowledge in the event space by working first-hand with this wildly innovative company.

Joel Martin

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Joel is an experienced Marketing and Executive Sales Leader. He has a passion for technology sales working as the VP of DOOH at http://www.Swiftmile.com and CRO of http://www.CodeFirm.com.

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