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Event Speak with Big John

Our flagship show, Event Speak with Big John is hosted by veteran tour chief, event guru, and CEO of Beyond Experiential, Big John Krishack. Our purpose is to create dialogue among professionals from all facets and fields of the global event industry ecosystem with the hopes of informing and inspiring the next generation of event professionals.

About Big John: Big John stumbled into the Event industry in 2005. Following 4 summers on the Vans Warped Tour playing guitar in former Chicago band SweaterGirl, Big John stayed on the road managing Mobile Marketing Tours for Warped Tour clients for the next 11 summers. After logging 300,000+ miles for various clients, Big John parked himself in LA and co-founded Beyond Experiential, an experiential agency focused on taking brands and agencies above and beyond.

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Ep. #19 – Rachel Silvestrini (Road Warrior, Event Guru)

Big John sits down with the multi-talented Rachel Silvestrini of YouTube’s Movies, Music and Mayhem and regular competitor on Movi...Read More

Ep. #18 – Amy Armstrong (Singer, Performer)

On this special “Diva” edition of Event Speak, Big John sits with the Fabulous Ms Amy Armstrong. An internationally kn...Read More

Ep. #17 – Joe Wroblewski (President and Founder, Assist Marketing)

Join Big John as he sits down with Assist Marketing President and Founder, Joe Wroblewski, to talk shop on the staffing business, ...Read More

Ep. #16 – Richard Jones (Partner, Kreate Australia)

Join Big John on this special down under edition of Event Speak as he sits down with Richard Jones, Partner and Head of Experience...Read More

Ep. #15 – Bruce XuXin (Event Producer, Brain Trust in Beijing, China)

Big John talks with Event Producer and all around great person, Bruce XuXin from Brain Trust, a boutique event agency in Beijing, ...Read More

Ep. #14 – Steve Mallory (Actor, Writer, Producer)

Big John sits down with the legendary Steve Mallory, producer, writer and actor in many Hollywood productions including co-writer ...Read More

Ep. #13 – Ari Forman (Co-founder, On The Go Marketing)

Join us as Big John sits down with the co-founder of On The Go Marketing, Ari Forman, and how he turned his passion into a thrivin...Read More

Ep. #12 – Zach Waldman (Comedian, Magician & Mentalist)

Join Big John on this magical episode of Event Speak as he sits down with pro magician and comedian, Mr. Zach Waldman to talk abou...Read More

Ep. #11 – Jeff Yeatman (Experiential Production Director)

Big John sits down with Experiential Production Director, Jeff Yeatman. Topics include the US experiential industry, the future of...Read More

Ep. #10 – Austin Fremont (Co-founder, Blue Fremont Events)

Big John sits with NYC based event and art world boss, Austin Fremont, to discuss her company, Fremont Blue Events, COVID-19 life ...Read More

Ep. #9 – Feudor Lokshin (Drummer, Producer)

Big John talks with pro drummer and producer, Feudor Lockshin, on a special Russia with Love edition of Event Speak. Feudor talks ...Read More

Ep. #8 – Larry Hess (CEO, Encore Nationwide)

Big John sits down with the CEO of Encore Nationwide, Larry Hess to talk about the current event climate, how event staffing will ...Read More

Ep. #7 – Sierra Sapunar (Co-founder, Posh Productions)

Big John sits down with former Olympic gymnast, Cirque du Soleil performer and the Co-founder of Las Vegas based, Posh Productions...Read More

Ep. #6 – Lucas Keller (CEO), Milk & Honey)

Big John sits down with Lucas Keller, CEO of artist management company Milk & Honey to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the c...Read More

Ep. #5 – Matti Leshem (Founder, New Mandate Films)

Big John chats with the Founder of New Mandate Films and former agency owner, Matti Leshem, to talk Hollywood during this edition ...Read More

Ep. #4 – Lorena Smit Garcia (Owner, Golden Goose Events)

Join Big John as he sits down with Lorena Smit Garcia, Owner and Director of Barcelona based Event Staffing Agency, Golden Goose E...Read More

Ep. #3 – Kevin Lyman (Founder, Vans Warped Tour)

Big John sits down with Kevin Lyman, Founder of the Vans Warped Tour and current Professor at USC to discuss what made the Warped ...Read More

Ep. #2 – Brian Saliba (CEO, Smash Magazine Presents)

Big John sits down with Las Vegas based, Brian Saliba, as they talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the concert and promotions ind...Read More

Ep. #1 – James Trivlis (Founder, EventSpeak)

Big John sits down with the founder of EventSpeak, to talk about about the early days of EventSpeak and his vision for re-launchin...Read More