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EventSpeak with Big John

Our flagship show, EventSpeak with Big John is hosted by music/experiential industry veteran, event guru, and CEO of Beyond Experiential, Big John. Our shared purpose is to create dialogue among professionals from all facets and fields of the global event industry ecosystem with the hopes of informing and inspiring the next generation of event professionals uniting them in solidarity on the new and soon to be expansive EventSpeak Network.

About Big John: Big John got his start as co-founder and playing guitar in former Chicago band SweaterGirl and founding B17 Records where SweaterGirl would go on to sell over 70,000 records (when that was still a thing) completely independent. After 4 consecutive summers on the Van’s Warped Tour as one of the first ever DIY bands to be invited to tag along  Big John was ready for what’s next and stumbled into the event industry in 2005. Big John stayed on the road managing Mobile Marketing Tours and bands for Warped Tour clients/artists for the next 7 summers as well as a plethora of experiential tours, campaigns, events, and initiatives that include some of the biggest brands and bands in the world. Having a unique edge and being side by side with the pioneers in the brands to bands movement post the crash of the record business in the early 2000’s Big John’s knowledge and experience in both fields is extensive. After logging over 300,000 miles through countless tours, Big John parked himself in LA and co-founded Beyond Experiential, an experiential agency focused on creating unique and impactful experiences based in the brand marketing, experiential, and music industry.

” This show (EventSpeak) is my latest passion and I’m so stoked for everyone to check it out!”

-Big John

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Ep. #15 – Bruce XuXin (Event Producer, Brain Trust in Beijing, China)

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Ep. #14 – Steve Mallory (Actor, Writer, Producer)

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Ep. #11 – Jeff Yeatman (Experiential Production Director)

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