Nimo Gandhi #021

In this episode, we throw away the tequila and enjoy Dry January with Actor and Songwriter, Nimo Gandhi as we discuss the local music scene in New York City, the rise of sidewalk cafe’s, and expecting a new music renaissance in the city.

Then, we go deeper into tv and movie character roles, acting outside an ethnicity, filming during COVID, and the fun of collaboration. Finally, we talk about acting auditions over zoom and performing with fans over Instagram and Facebook Live.

To learn more about the topics discussed during this episode, check out the below:

Amanda Younger

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Amanda brings 15+ years event experience working with the world's preeminent brands, including NYC Pride, High Times, NBA, and MRY. Amanda has led, managed, and executed activations, touring, ticketing, food & beverage, trade shows & conferences, rallies, street festivals, concerts, and any confetti moment New York City has allowed. Amanda can be reached at amanda@eventspeak.com

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