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In this episode, we sit down with Marketing Manager, Sweta Vikram who coaches us through the health mindset to improve our life performance. Author of 13 books, we go over virtual book tours, easier connections to global clients, the introduction of webinars, and the need to address tough issues like sexism, incarceration, racism, and trauma.

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Resetting our Mindset

The past year has really given our industry a moment to breathe. The gig economy is struggling and the coworking environment is dividing up that open space concept. When it comes to working professionals rotating into the office space or elevating their home office equipment, our mental and emotional wellbeing has come into frame.

How do we set new priorities for the work-life balance? When society adds new anxieties on top of a fluctuating workflow, how do we handle it all?

Marketing Manager, Sweta Vikram discusses that Ayurveda wellness in her life became a passion to coach and teach those mindsets with other working professionals. “When we are well, we are happy and perform better. We feel more creative; we feel more motivated. All of this is connected.”

But the lessons weren’t just about relieving stress and increasing productivity, it also triggered the need to do more for social issues. Now the author of 13 published books ranging from topics of women empowerment and surviving trauma, Vikram is meeting her global audience where they are, even if that’s online. 

Webinars have taken the place of public speaking engagements, zoom meetings have filled the calendar with clients, and panels on issues have become the promotional tour for her writings. Corporate discipline keeps that content pushing out and her to-do list full, but adopting a  flexible expectation is building a new improvisational skill to be ready for anything.

Storytelling is a way to address the present and define a world for the future to look back and learn from. But this isn’t just for an author to write, it’s a method of connecting with each other through difficult topics and finding strength in telling your truth. What is essential for Vikram is to connect with anyone she meets on their level, knowing we all have a story and a journey. “It’s about the conversations we have to meet people where they are. Anger is necessary. The disappointment is necessary, but it’s also about being present with them so they feel okay talking about where they are.” 

“You are only as successful as people connect with you. You’re only as happy as how much happiness you can share with others. You could be the brightest scholar, but if you can’t relate to people, what’s the point…We are all coping and it’s okay.” Remember we are all surviving together, and together we can make that difference.

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